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CAG-CD Formation

Discussions to formally structure the CAG-CD (CAG) began in earnest in September of 2003; nearly one year after the Consent Decree was signed. Using a Community Involvement Coordinator (CIC), the EPA held meetings with several community groups that had been instrumental in Anniston’s environmental justice issues (Community Against Pollution, Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the Minister’s Alliance). During these gatherings, the EPA provided detailed information on the formation and use of a CAG based on the EPA’s Community Advisory Group Toolkit developed from experiences in other communities across the country.

On October 2, 2003, EPA held a CAG information meeting at the Anniston City Meeting Center. In advance of this meeting, EPA informed the public of the meeting and provided information about the purpose of the CAG and welcomed participation from the community. During the meeting, the CIC provided a detailed summary of CAG membership responsibilities and outlined five (5) Selection Models in the CAG Toolkit. The CIC suggested a combination of two of the Selection Models (Core Group Model and the Self-Selecting Group Model) to maximize community involvement. From the written nomination list, the CIC would then select a Core Group of community members to serve on the CAG along with Alternates if anyone declined or was unable to serve. Overall, the list of names would be maintained as the resource to select future Core Group members until the Decision of Record was issued by the U.S. Federal Court officially concluding the PCB cleanup as ordered in the Consent Decree. This process was adopted by the community at the public meeting where approximately 80 names were submitted to the CIC for CAG membership.

During October, the CIC selected the CAG Core Group based on the following criteria:

Individuals living in the affected communities who received two or more nominations.
Individuals from community groups/organizations that represented the affected area.
Individuals who were community leaders from the impacted areas.

The Core Group was made up of ten (10) people representing the areas and organizations listed above. The Core Group had its first meeting on Monday, November 3, 2003 and began the process of selecting additional CAG members. At the end of this meeting, the Core Group had selected the additional members (with the exception of the Logan Martin Lake and Choccolocco Creek members). On November 7, 2003, the CIC sent letters to everyone who was nominated announcing the names of those selected to participate on the CAG. The CAG, comprised of 17 members, then met for its first organizational meeting on December 15, 2003. The CAG held its first public presentation of the cleanup plan on January 20, 2004.   We are located at 1812 Wilmer Avenue Suite B Anniston, AL.
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